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Our Anniversary Photoshoot by Vanessa Todd Photography

In April of this year, I was lucky enough to meet the most fabulous & talented photographer, Vanessa. We were both being styled for Anthropologie’s spring fashion show & got to talking… photography, blogging, fashion…(etc.) We exchanged info & when I got home I checked out her Instagram ( as one does automatically now, no?) & WOW! This girl is talented! Her photos are unique & raw. They have a vintage nostalgic feel with rich undertones that my husband and I were blown away by. I just knew I had to have her shoot some photos for me!

Last year was my husband & I’s 10 year anniversary which is such an important milestone in any relationship. We had a vow renewal ceremony in Palm Springs at the coolest house (despite the 110 degree heat,) to celebrate. It was a very special time & we were lucky enough to have lots of friends & family from our wedding party there to celebrate with us. Afterwards, I wanted to take professional photos to commemorate our 10 year, but as life sometimes goes we got busy, kept pushing back when we’d take them & before I knew it, we were celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary! Whoops!!! Since we didn’t have any big anniversary plans this year, it was really nice to celebrate our day with these special shots. Isn’t it funny how sometimes things can work out in ways you weren’t expecting? If you’re looking for a photographer who’s unique, professional, timely & also really really sweet, I highly recommend She’s truly fabulous!





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