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Kylie Cosmetics Vixen Christmas Collection

Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic line has become an extremely hyped makeup brand within the last few years amongst the cosmetic industry. Constant sell outs and the social media frenzy surrounding it added to the brand’s widespread popularity & growing success. Kylie’s cosmetic line is known best for liquid lipsticks that have a matte finish, a large range of hues & corresponding lip liners.

I’d never tried anything from Kylie Cosmetics ( the craziness surrounding it was a bit much for me,) but when I’d heard that the formulas for the products had been improved upon & saw a few sneak peeks via Instagram of her large & beautifully packaged white & silver holiday collection, I figured it was a good time to test out her makeup & save a bit of cash in the process ($17 to be exact.) Every little bit helps right? (Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take advantage of “Cyber Monday’s” 20% off which was a bit annoying but it is what it is.)


I decided to go with the “Vixen Makeup Bundle” because it included a large variety of products & the jewel tones drew me in. The Vixen Bundle costs…….$180.00 with free shipping in the states. I know I know….it is a pretty penny but makes an epic gift for Christmas! You could give it to someone special or easily break it up and gift pieces to members of your family or a few lucky friends. The holiday packaging even allows you to hang several of the products on a tree like an ornament. How cute is that? Now let’s get to the items included!





Natural Light


With Flash

Lip Products: (L-R)

Matte Liquid Lipstick Minis

-Moon (Such a different color! Greige? Super cool for winter but make sure your teeth are pearly white!)

-Ginger (Gorgeous orange/terracotta for autumn/winter. I already wore this in an upcoming blog post and it didn’t budge.)

-Angel (For the girly girl a soft pink. Classic.)

-Kristen (Bright pink & my least favorite. Doesn’t really fit the holiday theme for me.)

-Love Bite (My Favorite! Deep & Sultry for a night out!)


-Jolly (Pigmented berry & smells divine!)

Metal Lipstick

-Dancer (With the glitter lip trend in full effect this is the more subtle way to achieve that look.)

Matte Liquid Lipstick

-Vixen (Vamp city!)

(You also get a mini of this one. I didn’t see a point in “swatching” it twice.)

Lip Liner

-Vixen (Applies easily and is a beautiful blackberry hue!)




Natural Light

Eye Products: (L-R)

Creme Shadow -Camo *Khaki Green- A little goes a long way. I recommend applying in the center of your eye with your finger and then blending out with a brush. Great for aging eyes or if you are in a rush.*

Holiday Palette 2016

-Sugar Cookie (matte finish) *Blends beautifully! Great transitional shade.*

-Frosty (metallic finish) *Try it in the inner corner or pop a bit in the center of your lid!*

-Chestnut (matte finish) * My crease color pick. Warm and Gorgeous.*

-Mittens (metallic finish) * Soft burgandy. Didn’t wow me but good pigmentation.*

-Winter (metallic finish) *Not as pigmented as I’d hoped & the only shadow that didn’t apply evenly easily. Say that 10 times fast!*

-Nutcracker (metallic finish) *Cool-toned plum with hints of silver sparkle.*

-Gingerbread (metallic finish) *Loved this rich sparkly bronze brown over the Camo creme shadow. So good!!!!!*

-Evergreen (matte finish) *Soft jewel-toned green.*

-Silent Night (matte finish) *Vampy deep plum. My smokey eye pick & a great alternative to grey or black!*

My overall experience with the products within the Vixen set so far have been pretty positive. A few standouts: The top 3 colors in the eye palette (Sugar Cookie, Frosty, Mittens as well as the color Gingerbread. ) Love Bite quickly became my favorite liquid lipstick shade but Vixen and Ginger are close seconds. I’ve enjoyed playing around & testing these makeup goodies for over 2 weeks now. Keep in mind liquid lipsticks are a dry formula. I recommend putting chapstick or a light balm on first. The upside is you don’t really have to reapply because once it’s on it’s on! I suggest using an oil based cleanser to remove it. The palette, while not as vibrant as I would have thought also makes it more manageable for those who are a bit nervous to take the plunge into metals, glitter, etc.

Do I think the products are life changing? Maybe not….I do realize you are paying a certain amount for the brand name….but are they fun, different & worth trying? Definitely! So if you are feeling a little splurgy or see a specific item that intrigues you, I say pick it up!

Have a chic holiday season!






  1. Hannah Jacqueline

    December 10, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    The lippies look gorgeous! I actually have never tried Kylie Cosmetics either, and I am debating whether or not to. Great blog post! Feel free to check out my most recent blog post too! ❤❤

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