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A Night Out in LA & Cocktail Recipe!

I love a good night out in LA LA Land. My husband and I went to the Forum for a date night a few weeks ago to see Louis C.K.. Whenever I’m going to an arena type event I like to make sure I am comfortable enough to navigate stairs, stand for long periods of time and walk around. I am a bit obsessed with mixing black & gold at the moment! It is an easy way to make a simple outfit stand out.  

My go to style for a concert type event is a sleek top (this Astr crochet option is an oldie but a goodie) and  jeans ( high waisted, dark & stretchy are a must for me.) I have a link for my exact pair at the bottom of this post. It’s just easy and put together without even trying too hard.

Kimonos are great because they are light weight and can add a lot of personality to an outfit as well as keep you a bit warmer. I picked this feather one up in store at Nordstrom Rack. It is by the brand Honey Punch but really you can find a great one anywhere. I have over a dozen and I know I am no where near finished collecting.

My love affair with booties will NEVER die! I could wear them literally everyday. These little tan babies are from Candie’s (at Kohl’s) but really any pair that are comfortable will do. I try and pick ones that will look even better as they wear over the years. Suede and Leather are always good choices for this reason.

Add some personality with your accessories. Dark colors and  metallic accents are such a fun combo. My BP hat is felt but lightweight. I like to wear hats a lot at night because they keep your hair at bay. My necklace is a few years old but Baublebar, Nordstrom and The Rack have some great ones for layering! My feather ring is linked below.

In the summertime sunglasses are a must until late in the evening when the sun finally sets. I love my Quay sunnies for 3 reasons. They are reasonably priced, comfy as can be and always stylish. Quay offers such a large variety of fun options, causing me to constantly be on the hunt for my next pair! I bought these through Nordstrom but you can follow Quay on their Instagram to check out their newest additions and/or purchase directly from their website. See link below.

Quay Australia Sunglasses



Like many, I love a good cocktail. I’ve mixed my fair share professionally over the years and this one is a personal favorite, not to mention, super easy to create.


  1. Vodka (Pick you’re favorite)
  2. Soda Water
  3. Crushed Ice
  4. Sugar
  5. Cucumber
  6. Blackberries


  • Grab your favorite glass
  • Muddle a pinch of sugar with the blackberries & cucumber in the bottom
  • Fill with crushed ice
  • Add 1 oz vodka
  • Pour in soda water


A Chic XO,